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Benefit from our premium cloud!

With plentymarkets, you never have to worry about server hardware again. This is because we will host your plentymarkets system in our highly performing and secure cloud. The cloud guarantees the performance you need at all times. Feel secured with us from seldom system shut-downs or dangerous attacks by third parties. We keep your system running and protect your data with the latest technology.

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Grow with us!

In a successful online business, your revenue will increase steadily and hence your requirements regarding the hosting infrastructure. Thanks to the plentymarkets cloud the required system resources can grow with your needs and you can always rely on an optimal performance.


Due to our many years of experience, we know: Even the best server hardware can fail! We offer you ideal protection from loss of data and simultaneously save your data very close to real time on two different server systems. This way, your system's availability is guaranteed even if one server fails.

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plentymarkets in AWS

plentymarkets allows you to install your system with the world's largest public cloud services provider with servers based in Germany and Ireland. This way we ensure flexible hosting and a high service availability of our system.


Security has top priority for Amazon Web Services. All AWS customers benefit from a data center and network architecture that is designed to meet the security requirements of the most demanding organisations.

  • Cloud hosting
    • Fair software as a service business model
    • Secure cloud hosting
    • Your data is saved on 2 servers at least
    • Automated failover in case of problems
    • Automated load distribution to manage more requests
    • Innovative caching technology for fast and short loading times

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