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Our services

  • Web design
  • Consulting
  • System setup
  • Shopware

Synesty is a certified plentymarkets partner that specializes in SOAP API, web-services and data feeds. Synesty Studio is a browser-tool for automating e-commerce processes, optimizing data feeds and managing product inventory without coding.

The plentymarkets Add-On enables plentymarkets users and shop-owners to easily automate data-intensive tasks such as:

  • updating inventory data like prices and stock
  • exporting product catalogs and orders in custom formats (CSV, XML)
  • integrating suppliers for drop-shipping or re-orders (e.g. Tradeplace, Veloconnect)
  • automatically re-calculating and optimizing prices (re-pricing)
  • integrating ERP systems
  • importing tracking numbers
  • exporting customer data to CRM
  • integrating external shop systems e.g. Magento, Shopware or OXID
  • support for HTTP, WebDAV, (S)FTP and Dropbox
  • address validation with AddressDoctor e.g. for external orders by eBay and Amazon

The SaaS software is used by e-commerce and online marketing companies for automating data intensive processes. For example, importing and exporting products and inventory data, orders and customer information between the online store, ERP and supplier systems.

You can connect the various systems with the Flow-Editor and combine ready-to-use steps and templates, which can be customized to meet your specific needs. All of this can be done without coding.

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