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Have your finger on the pulse of time with plentymarkets

plentymarkets is a flexible all-in-one solution that keeps up with the dynamics of e-commerce. We not only respond to any changes with continuous software maintenance, but also permanently work on developments to reflect the latest innovations in e-commerce. We provide free updates to our customers on a regular basis. Hence, with plentymarkets you will always have a modern system at hand that spares you planning time-consuming and often costly software projects.

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Software maintenance

Our integrated partners are also constantly expanding their options and offers. Therefore, an e-commerce software and it's interfaces may quickly become outdated. Thanks to continuous software maintenance and automatic updates we keep you at the cutting edge of technology without undesired interruptions.


This means that we are not only reacting quickly to changes in e-commerce, but we are also developing our own innovations for your software according to the latest trends. After profound testing, we provide these for free in our regular version updates.

Versions & changelog

Short release cycles - smooth transitions. New developments, improvements and bug fixes are published in small, manageable releases usually once per week. The changelog on this page is always up-to-date and keeps you informed. All of the new features and changes are also documented in our online manual.

  • Software versions
    • plentymarkets is continuously being developed further
    • Updates are released at regular intervals, usually once per week
    • The new features in an update are documented in its changelog
    • We have our own software testing team
    • In the case that software errors may occur in spite of our testing they will be communicated through our support team and fixed by our developers.

The changelog - all versions at a glance.

The changelog provides you with information about all of the new features and changes that were made to each version. It also lists any existing settings that may need to be reconfigured for the new version. Pay special attention to the entries marked with the words To Do and edit the points that are relevant for your system. All important new features are documented in our manual before they are released.
Every version is first released as a beta version. If you do not use the beta version, then the changelog will show you what to expect with the next stable update.

Status Stable Release date 11.05.2016
  Type Explanation

REST API: In some cases, a PUT request on rest/checkout/customerinvoiceaddress did not update the data even though all parameters were correct. This behaviour has been fixed.


Markets: The Setting EAN was renamed to GTIN for the GoogleShopping export.


Markets: Items with certain HTML tags in their description were not exported to Allyouneed. Forbidden HTML tags will not be exported to Allyouneed.

Older versions
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