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Keep an eye on all of your item movements

The integrated stock management system supports multiple warehouses, item variants and can automatically reserve stock for listings or pending orders. Automatic analysis and statistics keep you informed about your key business figures. Find out how much profit is generated with each sales channel and analyze other interesting information such as the reasons for returns and your customers' buying patterns.

Icon stock management

Reorder management

plentymarkets gives you everything that you need to manage your own reorders. Seamlessly process both standard and complex reorders that are carried out in several steps. Of course, the system can also process any partial or oversupplied deliveries that you may receive from your suppliers.

Warehouse management

Manage all of your warehouses centrally in plentymarkets. Set up individual racks and storage locations for each warehouse. Create a detailed replica of your warehouses in plentymarkets and save time when packing and shipping items by creating pick lists that indicate the optimal route through the warehouse. Furthermore, easily process orders with multiple warehouses.


Are you already working with a warehouse management software or a stock management system and you don't want to give it up? plentymarkets is well equipped for such scenarios. Use our standardized interface (API) to connect plentymarkets with your external management system.


Keep an eye on your business with the plentymarkets statistics module. Analyze the revenue that was generated on various sales channels. Use a wide range of filters to specify which information should be analyzed. Display the results as a chart or a table.

Is it worthwhile?

Every professional online seller asks this question, especially when using multiple sales channels. Therefore, carefully analyze which products sell the best on different platforms. See realistic figures by saving additional costs such as sales commissions or listing fees in your statistics.


You want to analyze additional figures and maximize your success? We recommend the business intelligence software that is provided by our fully integrated partner, minubo. It focuses on analyzing key business figures and it delivers a wide range of practical and distinct statistics.

  • Stock management
    • Centralized stock management
    • Centralized stock and price synchronization with sales channels
    • Reorder management
    • Warehouse and storage location management
    • Multiple suppliers / creditors
    • Multiple warehouses
    • Comprehensive possibilities for managing each item - suppliers, purchase prices and item numbers
    • Inventory
    • Stock synchronization via import function / API
    • Orders
    • Reserved stocks
    • Point of sales integration via POSMAN live interface
  • Statistics
    • Total revenue development
    • Revenue by category
    • Shopping cart development
    • Revenue by referrer per order
    • Revenue by referrer per item
    • Revenue by shipping region
    • Returns / credit notes / cancellations
    • Status of the current orders
    • Order processing times
    • Pending payments according to payment methods
    • Shipping orders by shipping service provider
    • Shipping costs by shipping service provider
    • Current stock
    • Sold item quantities
    • Estimated stock turnover and reorder levels
    • Leads via interaction
    • Leads via status
    • Sent messages
    • Tops / Flops
    • Contribution margin I + II


Stock management

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