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‘Who is your glocal hero?’ – this is the slogan under which 2018 plenty Award has been presented to companies whose focus is especially on omnichannel sales. Pentagon Sports fully deserved to secure first place. Find out more about this extraordinary company from southern Germany in this article.

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From theory to practice

Everything the cyclist's heart desires can be found on

When company founder and managing director Richard Badal wrote his bachelor’s dissertation on the hypothesis back in 2010, despite the ground-breaking title ‘Creating and Implementing a Marketing and Sales Strategy for Bikes in the European Online Retail Sector’, he probably would never have dreamed that his company would grow to such a size. Badal had already been able to gain initial experience in this area back in 2008 with his small eBay bike shop, which enabled him to finance his degree. Encouraged by one of his professors, Badal and his friend Toni Kleinke turned theory into practice and began writing the company’s success story in 2011.

Eight years later, the bachelor’s dissertation has long since become reality: the company founders completely repositioned their business under the name Pentagon Sports in order to operate on several platforms and explore new business channels. After just a short while, the ERP used to date had been stretched to its limits and no longer met the needs of the young company. Thanks to the recommendation of a friend, the company founders discovered plentymarkets – a system that met every need and allowed the company to grow further. It was a good decision: Pentagon Sports now successfully trades throughout Europe via numerous sales channels and was named one of the 270 fastest-growing companies in Europe in 2017 by the Financial Times and Statista – in Germany, the company was ranked thirty-seventh by FOCUS Money, just two places behind Zalando. And the business that has been single-handedly built up managed to beat off competition from several agency-supported competitors to secure top place at the plenty Award 2018 – an impressive achievement!

Essentially, we only have to press one button and all of the processes run automatically: the pick and pack lists and the accompanying labels are instantly produced and the picking process is child’s play using the practical flow system!
Toni Kleinke Pentagon Sports Product Manager

A highly developed omnichannel structure

The headquarters of the company: numerous sales channels are served from here.

We do not know whether Richard Badal covered glocal commerce in his bachelor’s dissertation, but it can be assumed from the professional distribution across several channels and the inclusion of the qualities and advantages of physical stores that Pentagon Sports thought long and carefully when planning its concept.

In addition to its own online store and links to numerous marketplaces (thanks to the comprehensive multichannel functionality of plentymarkets), Pentagon Sports also operates several specialist domains that increasingly focus on various niche products from the company’s product range. These include, and The multi-shop feature from plentymarkets makes it possible to manage all domains centrally with one back end. Yet Pentagon Sports is not only optimally positioned online: customers can also buy all of the products by visiting the company’s showroom in Ellwangen. Further shops are set to open this year in Munich, Berlin and Cologne. A repair service in cooperation with partner companies allows customers to get any bikes under guarantee repaired at any place in Germany, Austria and Switzerland without the hassle of having to send the bulky item back to the retailer.

Also successful internationally

Pentagon Sports also has a great deal to be proud of at international level. Good product optimisation has allowed the company to reach and deliver to customers in other German-speaking countries via the website and Pentagon Sports has also found its way into other European countries via international marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon. However, the international marketplaces and the significant growth they have already brought are by no means exhausted yet: the company is currently busy translating so that the products can also be sold via the online shop in English- and French-speaking countries.

Stores are also set to open in Manchester and Paris in the near future so that international customers can also buy their bikes in person from Pentagon Sports. In France, a local repair service similar to the set-up in Germany is also currently in the starting blocks in order to be able to offer French customers the same level of convenience.

Imposing reach thanks to successful positioning

The Ezyroller sold by Pentagon Sports. Source:

Besides the B2C business, Pentagon Sports also runs a successful B2B operation: large supermarket chains purchase bikes and bike accessories licenced by Disney via the company. New cinema releases thus consistently lead to considerable demand for certain products, but long runners such as Frozen- and Spiderman-themed bikes continue to put smiles on children’s faces whatever the season.

Among children and young people, one big seller that is also marketed by Pentagon Sports across Europe is the EzyRoller, on which you can speed around in a seated position with snake-like movements. Pentagon Sports supplied 250 of these for the most recent McDonalds Monopoly kids’ promotion, further raising their profile and increasing demand..

Strong with plentymarkets

Honored plentyAward winner 2018: Pentagon Sports

The 14 people now employed by Pentagon Sports effortlessly handle this imposing business volume with plentymarkets. Besides the aforementioned multi-shop functionality and the software’s marketplace links, product manager Toni Kleinke especially likes the practical automation options, which ensure that everything runs particularly smoothly in the busy warehouse: ‘Essentially, we only have to press one button and all of the processes run automatically: the pick and pack lists and the accompanying labels are instantly produced and the picking process is child’s play using the practical flow system!

We congratulate Pentagon Sports on its well-deserved award. We look forward to continuing our successful working relationship and are certain that we will hear plenty more about Pentagon Sports in the future.

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