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Pascuali filati naturali's success story sounds like an example from a text book. The company's founder, Paul Pascuali, opened an eBay shop in 2008, which he used to sell wool products from his home country Argentina to customers in Germany.

  • Niche:
    100% natural products
  • 3. place
    at the plenty Award 2017

The founder was amazed to see how much demand there was for 100% natural wool – a niche, which Pascuali gladly filled. The company's product portfolio started to change from hand-made ponchos to high-quality wools and yarns. Nowadays, Pascuali has help from several employees. Together they sell a wide range of materials: everything from a selection of traditional Merino wool to exclusive, high-end products such as milk protein yarn or muskox wool and vicuña wool. This incredible range of products has made the shop the place to be for anyone who loves to knit.

In times of increasingly thoughtless consumerism, we want our customers to be mindful of these important values and we want them to be passionate about natural products.
Paul Pascuali Founder and chief executive of Pascuali filati naturali

Pascuali tried listing products on several different marketplaces while searching for the ideal multi-channel mix. For example, the company started out by selling on eBay and Tradoria. But once the latter was bought out by Rakuten, the company decided to follow a new sales strategy. They started looking for an ERP, which could help turn their plans into reality. The ERP would have to live up to Pascuali's own ambitious multi-channel goals and it would have to grow along with their company. In the end, they decided to use plentymarkets – a decision that the company never regretted: "We're big fans of all the different functions - entire processes can be carried out with plentymarkets and we use the customer classes to serve both B2B and B2C customers. Nowadays, plentymarkets is the cornerstone of our business."

Pascuali present their special natural products to their customers with tasteful pictures.

Finding the right omni-channel strategy

At the moment, Pascuali mainly focuses their efforts on B2C sales in their online store and on Amazon. These sales channels have proven to be the most profitable for their product line. Pascuali sells its products in brick and mortar stores as well, but does so with the help of partner companies. However, the company is thinking about taking their first steps with omni-channel sales:

"We're considering opening up our first Pascuali filati naturali store. Of course, we're planning on using plentyPOS – it's crucial for our store to be linked with our plentymarkets system." 

The heart of the company is its online store. The company worked diligently to create the store themselves. The result is an absolute gem of a plentymarkets shop, which perfectly meets the company's needs. "Since we do a lot of affiliate marketing, it was really important for us to have a speciality comment function." Creating the store was well worth the effort and Pascuali was able to take their place on the winner's podium at the plenty-Awards.

The future is bright

Pascuali's online store offers a wide range of high quality yarns to knitting and crocheting customers.

The course has been set for a successful future: "We want to keep our spot as the market leader for 100% natural wool when it comes to sustainability, fair trade and exclusive yarns."

A great goal that is already being promoted by the state. We wish Pascuali filati naturali all the best and are happy to support the company.

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