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plentymarkets and the Dynamo Fanshop make a winning e-commerce team

With its strong design, great usability and practical little extras, the SG Dynamo Dresden Fanshop stands out from the crowd. But it doesn’t just cut a fine figure online. The brick-and-mortar fanshop in Dresden’s Rudolf Harbig Stadium is also quite impressive. Thanks to a centralised software, business is running like a well-oiled machine.

In-store product presentation. Online and offline stores go hand in hand.
  • Omni-channel concept
  • 8
    plentyPOS tills
  • 1st place
    plenty Award 2019

With everything ranging from fan clothing to school supplies to garden gnomes, the Dynamo Fanshop offers almost every imaginable item that any Dresden football fan might desire. It all started with seasonal items, such as advent calendars, chocolate Easter bunnies and t-shirts for special events, as well as the typical fan memorabilia ranging from sportswear to a wide range of fan scarves. What an incredibly varied and flexible product range!

We can definitely pat ourselves on the back every day when we look at what we achieve. And one of the reasons why everything works so well is plentymarkets.
Ronny Stöck Multi-Channel Manager & System Administrator of Dynamo Fanshop

Keeping an eye on all sales channels from a single vantage point

A company with its own high demands places even higher demands on its e-commerce ERP of choice. The Dynamo Fanshop has a plethora of different requirements. Home games means a sudden, intense influx of customers in their brick-and-mortar store during which sales staff heavily rely on a stable POS system. At the same time, stable cloud technology is a must in preparation for high access numbers in their online store. Online store sales as well as selling on various market places also means that stock updates must be synchronised across the board while the software continues to function flawlessly to make day-to-day work easier for users.

With plentymarkets we have access to a merchandise management system that is always up-to-date and open to the world. It also allows us to integrate all of our interfaces and external software. I’ve never seen any other merchandise management system capable of all that.  

Automatic processes reduce workload

The Dynamo Fanshop’s brick-and-mortar store located right at Dresden’s Rudolf Harbig Stadium. During home games, up to 3 additional sales areas are opened to accommodate the high influx of customers.

Ronny Stöck is particularly excited about the endless possibilities that plentymarkets’ automatic processes offer the company. “Together with our agency Synesty, we’ve developed several workflows that really make our lives easier!” One example he refers to is the reorder process. Every day the store manager is automatically emailed a list of items that were sold the previous day. This list in turn allows the store manager to fill out a reorder list which the plentymarkets software uses to automatically carry out redistributions. At the same time, a packing list is sent to the central warehouse staff so that they can prepare for the delivery of goods.

There is a world of difference between plentymarkets and other systems. plentymarkets runs automatically and smoothly in the background and no one has to deal with redistributions or create internal purchase orders. 

plentyPOS: The dynamic checkout system

plentyPOS is the system of choice for the tills in Dynamo’s brick-and-mortar stores. They are uncluttered and easy to use. "The set-up is very straightforward. I would never have expected it to be so simple and essentially self-explanatory. My staff repeatedly tell me the same thing. There are no problems in practical use, neither with the user interface nor when entering a printer IP," Ronny Stöck exclaims happily.

plentymarkets doesn’t tire of further developing the system and tailoring it to its users needs. As a result, the system is constantly becoming more and more user friendly with an increasing amount of new features.  
Home games at the Rudolf Harbig Stadium mean large crowds in the fanshop. Thankfully employees can rely on their stable checkout system.

The fact that employees are able to rely on plentyPOS is especially evident during home games. When these events occur, the fanshop opens another 3 sales stands in the stadium in addition to its 5 in-store tills. The sheer number of customers is a direct result of fans taking the opportunity to buy a scarf, jersey or other fan items right on site. And although fanshop staff are really working up a sweat, POS devices perform their duties properly and support sellers with helpful features, such as being able to park a receipt during a sale.

The plentyShop also fulfills international fan demands

The Dynamo Fanshop uses plentymarkets in its entirety. The agency Frontend Studios created the Dynamo online store using the plentymarkets’ Ceres template. "The project had a few exciting challenges in stow for us. In addition to the improved usability and graphic design, our cooperation allowed us to develop several useful new features that we are quite proud of ," says Frontend Studios Managing Director Jan Mense about their co-operation.

The Dynamo Fanshop’s online store impresses fans with great design and many extra features.

There are several interesting extras that the company wanted featured in the shop. For one, the login area allows club members to take advantage of special discounts using their membership numbers. Plus, the store shows a comparison of membership prices with normal prices. And the online store even includes a jersey generator with a preview function.

But international customers aren’t left on the wayside either. By implementing the Google translate function, Dynamo Dresden jerseys, autographs and other black and yellow fan memorabilia can make their way all over Europe.

Indeed an excellent shop! The Dynamo Fanshop and Frontend Studios were awarded 1st place for the plenty Award 2019.

Just recently, Dynamo’s online store won first place at the 12th annual plentymarkets Online Sellers Congress. That’s an achievement that both the online seller and agency can be proud of.

We wish the Dynamo Dresden Fanshop all the best for the future and are looking forward to reaching even greater achievements together in the years to come - in both football and e-commerce!

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