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Design your processes quickly and individually

Each company has particular workflows and individual needs. This is why we developed a plentymarkets system that can be adapted to your new requirements anytime. plentymarkets provides you with an easy-to-handle, graphical process editor that helps you to configure, map and automate your workflow in plentymarkets.

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E-commerce is constantly subject to changes. Therefore, your internal courses of action have to be quickly adapted to new conditions. Map editable processes with plentymarkets that allow you to react quickly to any changes without having to make costly and time-consuming changes to the software and without having to wait for the right results.


At first, take your time and define your workflows step by step in plentymarkets. Afterwards, your solutions will facilitate working in your company with efficient work processes in an optimized and time-saving manner only.


Implementing one's own software projects is often very time-consuming and expensive. Not only can you save costs with your process editor, but you can also schedule and quickly implement your projects. Determine your project's start yourself and schedule its completion realistically.

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