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plentymarkets plugins – tearing down borders in E-Commerce!

Individuality, flexibility, limitlessness – use plentymarkets plugins to modify your system and perfectly meet the needs of your company. Whether you want to transfer data to a new marketplace, give your online store a new look or find a new payment provider: plugins let you expand and modify your plentymarkets system in no time. Browse through our wide range of existing add-ons or create your own custom plugin - it's up to you!

Advantages and possibilities

Integrate new service providers

Want to branch out and work with service providers that aren't included in plentymarkets by default? You can use plugins to add new markets, payment providers or fulfilment services. A wide range of plugins are already available in plentyMarketplace.

Store & Add-Ons

Turn your dreams into reality with a unique and flexible online store. Ceres is an online store plugin that we developed in-house and that you can further enhance with additional plugins as well. Simply download the template, themes and additional widgets for your online store and get started immediately!

Practical tools & Your own creations

Practical tools for analysis and statistics, automatic data exchange and other useful plugins round out the portfolio in plentyMarketplace. If you can't find what you're looking for, then develop your own plugin or hire an agency to create a custom plugin on your behalf.

Discover the plentyMarketplace and customise your system

plentyMarketplace includes plugins for every aspect of E-Commerce. Search for specific add-ons or get inspired while browsing through the wide range of choices. Easily install any add-on into your plentymarkets system. Practical and straightforward – just like it should be.

Nothing's impossible!

Now that you can add plugins to plentymarkets, there are no limits to what your business can achieve. Custom projects are a piece of cake thanks to the easy-to-learn plugin technology. Simply hire an agency to create your plugin or jump right in and build one yourself. Use the plentymarkets project area to find the right partner for your ideas or access the developer platform to learn everything you'll need to know for creating your own plugin.

Create a project request

The project platform is part of our plentyMarketplace. Log in to advertise your project. This will save you time and energy when putting your business plans into action.

Develop your own plugin

Use our developer platform to find the necessary technology, comprehensive plugin documentation and several example projects that you can download from GitHub.

Facts at a glance

  • Advantages
    • Easy-to-integrate plugins
    • Increased flexibility and individuality
    • Ideal fit between system and workflow
    • Modern development standards
  • Where can plugins be used?
    • Online store
    • Payment providers
    • My account & checkout
    • Multi-channel
    • plentymarkets back end
    • ... and many other areas
  • plentyMarketplace, project platform & forum
    • Download and use plugins – both free of and subject to charge
    • Large selection of existing plugins in many categories
    • Easily add plugins to your plentymarkets system with just a few clicks
    • Support by plugin developers in the community forum
    • Project platform: competent partner agencies develop custom plugins
  • Ceres: the store template based on plugins
    • Quick loading times
    • Responsive design
    • Search engine optimised
    • Easy to use
    • Trusted Shops pre-certified
    • Customisable
    • Selection of default designs
    • Easy transfer of existing designs
    • Additional payment methods possible
    • Error-tolerant search – elastic search
    • Few layout changes after updates

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