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Quick and reliable - this is the key!

A quick delivery of ordered goods is the most important service in e-commerce. plentymarkets sets a good example in this regard and offers you different solutions: You can either ship items yourself, hire a fulfillment service provider to do this for you or you can combine the two options as desired. We integrated many of the leading payment providers, which ensures that your payment transactions will always run smoothly in your home country and abroad. Hence, your orders are directly handed over to the automatic invoicing process after having received the payment and your goods can be sent immediately.

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Automatic processes

An efficient working method and avoiding errors are key elements to your successful company. Let these elements become part of your reality and automate your workflow in plentymarkets thanks to time-controlled procedures. Your system can automatically carry out procedures that are triggered by events depending on a variety of filters. These procedures will then run in the background.


Keep track of your complete payment transactions with plentymarkets. Payments and refunds are automatically sent to plentymarkets and assigned to the corresponding orders. Their status will be adjusted accordingly. Therefore, shipping can directly follow incoming payments and undesired delays can be avoided.


plentymarkets is also always up to date when it comes to payment and supports SEPA payments. Direct debits and bank transfers can be exported and transmitted in the SEPA-format that your bank requires. This also allows for refunds via bank transfer. Incoming payments can be retrieved from your bank institution via the EBICS procedure at the desired intervals.

Streamline shipping

At the right place at the right time. Shape your shipping process with plentymarkets as straightforward and time-saving as possible. Avoid packing mistakes or delays by planning optimal picking routes and have the system print the required shipping documents automatically at the right time.

External fulfillment

You want to have an external fulfillment service provider handle your shipping completely or just some of your items? As you wish! Here, plentymarkets also offers ready-made solutions that help you conclude your shipping processes with several service providers and warehouses. Even if an order has to be shipped via different warehouses.

Parcel service

plentymarkets integrated all important parcel services for your complete shipping process. This means that your software will provide all the various labels in print for national as well as international shipping. Hence, you can supply your customers without detours.

  • Payment
    • Central overview of all payments
    • Automatic synchronization of incoming payments
    • Automatic synchronization of bank accounts (EBICS / HBCI)
    • Automatic Assignment of payments to receipts / orders
    • Integration of all important payment providers
    • Supports different currencies
    • Supports direct debits (SEPA)
    • Supports bank transfers (SEPA)
    • Supports return payments
    • Supports partial payments
    • Integrations for debt collection service provider
    • AR list
  • Order processing
    • Central processing of orders from all distribution channels
    • Separated processing by client (store)
    • Various filter options
    • Individual order statuses
    • Event system / Event procedures for carrying out standard tasks
    • Automatic dunning process
    • Automatically sends E-mail templates
    • Processes: Order, credit note, return, warranty, offer, pre-order, delivery order, repair, multi-order, multi credit note
    • Supports partial deliveries
    • Automatic assignment of warehouses
    • Separate deliveries of orders via several warehouses
    • International address validation by AddressDoctor
    • Arvato credit rating
    • Transmission of shipping statuses to external markets
  • Logistics & Fulfillment
    • Integrated fulfillment tool
    • Supports several warehouses
    • Parallel shipping via several external fulfillment partners
    • Software-aided picking
    • Optimal picking routes
    • Integration of the most important shipping service providers
    • Automatically generates shipping labels
    • Individual shipping processes
    • Return management
    • Repair warehouse
    • Supports tracking

Integrated service providers:




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