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Ceres – simple, fast, unbelievably good

Give your customers what they deserve! When you use Ceres, you benefit from unbelievable speed and reliability. Ceres gives your customers a phenomenal shopping experience. Thanks to modern technology, a wide range of practical features and tons of plugins, you can easily design your free store just the way you want. Do you sell different types of products in several different countries? No problem! plentymarkets helps you sell internationally and manage multiple stores with just one piece of software.

  • Extremely fast
  • Customer friendly
  • Plugin compatible

This is plentymarkets Ceres:


Display your items online in just a few minutes! The plentymarkets ShopBuilder is full of intuitive drag&drop functions, which help you create your Ceres store with just a few clicks. Nothing's quicker and easier than that! Of course, your Ceres store is responsive and ready to be used on common mobile devices.


Ceres gives your customers optimal loading times and a unique shopping experience – no progress bar while the page loads, no lengthy checkout process. And thanks to your improved SEO ranking, you'll leave your competition in the dust!

The optional ShopBooster gives your store an extra push. Thanks to content caching, the pages of your website can be loaded even faster and you can achieve sensational loading times under 100 ms TTFB (time to first byte). Your customers will enjoy the unusually fast shopping experience and search engines will rank your store more favourably. ShopBooster is available for a fixed rate starting from £ 0 and capped at £ 100 per month.

Expandable with plugins

The plentyMarketplace includes a wide range of plugins, which you can use to scale and design your store the way you want. Regardless whether you're looking for a feedback widget, a new theme or a payment add-on, there are no limits to what you can do!

Ready for omni-channel

With plentymarkets running in the background, you can connect your Ceres store to your business on marketplaces and in your brick and mortar store. Your sales activities and stock levels are recorded centrally in plentymarkets. Automatic workflows and cloud availability ensure that your business runs smoothly around the clock.

plentymarkets makes your new store…

  • … SEO friendly

    • Quick loading times
    • UTF-8 content
    • Speaking URLs / Clean URL
    • Individual meta data
    • Web analysis: Google Analytics
    • Structured data (
  • … unique and international

    • Free store designs
    • Completely customisable store design
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Clients (stores)
    • Multiple languages
    • Multiple currencies
    • B2B and B2C
  • … interactive

    • Wish lists
    • Product search and live search
    • Intelligent facetted search
    • My account area with return management
  • … versatile and functional

    • Responsive template by default
    • Categories (4 levels)
    • Item variations
    • Cross-selling
    • Top sellers
    • New items
    • Order properties
    • Graduated prices
    • Gift certificates
  • … trustworthy

    • Pre-certified by Trusted Shops
    • Pre-certified by EHI
    • Trusted Shops customer evaluations
    • eKomi customer evaluations
    • Item reviews
    • Import of legal texts from external services
  • … communicative

    • Social share buttons
    • Social bookmarks
    • Connection to e-mail marketing systems

We provide interfaces to:

Shop integrations


Store add-ons

Affiliate partners

Where do you want to go next?

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  • Decide whether the STARTER or PRO rate is best for your business.

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