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Store software for an unforgettable shopping experience!

Modern technology and responsive designs take your customers on an unforgettable journey. plentymarkets allows you to begin displaying your items online in just a few minutes. It's even possible to sell items in multiple stores and thus tailor your offers to match different target groups at home and abroad.

Ceres – the fastest store of all time

Introducing Ceres - the remarkably quick online store, which leaves other shops in the dust. In addition to its speed, this store utilises modern technology and comes equipped with a wide range of useful features that give plentymarkets 7 customers a unique, out-of-the-box store experience. The new Ceres store was developed as a plugin, which means that it's ready to go in just a few clicks and it can grow to meet your needs.

Ideal loading times for both crawlers and users, which means that customers and Google will love your store equally!
Themes are the easiest way to display your store in a new light and customise its layout to match your products.
Simply download additional plugins to add new features to your store. Plugins help your store reach new target audiences and grow along with your business.

The highlights of your store

Plug & Play – & Sell!

plentymarkets brings your business online in just a few clicks and gives your store everything it needs:

  • Search engine friendly online store
  • Free store designs
  • Fully customisable store design
  • Pre-certified by Trusted Shops
  • Multiple clients (stores)
  • Multiple languages and currencies

Content management system

Turn the dreams for your store into reality – plentymarkets CMS lets you customise every aspect of your store.

  • Easy management of product data with variations
  • Possibilities for onpage optimisation
  • Speaking URLs
  • Coming soon: Shopbuilder – configure your homepage with drag & drop!

Modern design & usability

Responsive designs and intuitive categories make your store more appealing to customers and boosts sales.

  • Responsive store for all end devices
  • Multiple store themes in plentyMarketplace
  • Customisable layouts
  • Logical category structure
  • Product images with a zoom function

plentymarkets makes your new store...

  • ... SEO friendly
    • Quick loading times
    • UTF-8 content
    • Speaking URLs / Clean URL
    • Individual meta data
    • Web analysis: Google Analytics
  • ... unique and international
    • Free store designs
    • Completely customisable store design
    • Intuitive user interface
    • Clients (stores)
    • Multiple languages
    • Multiple currencies
    • B2B and B2C
  • ... interactive
    • Wish lists
    • Product search and live search
    • Intelligent facetted search
    • My account area with return management
    • Zoom function
  • ... versatile and functional
    • Categories (4 levels)
    • Item variations
    • Cross-selling
    • Top sellers
    • New items
    • Order properties
    • Graduated prices
    • Gift certificates
  • ... trustworthy
    • Pre-certified by Trusted Shops
    • Pre-certified by EHI
    • Trusted Shops customer evaluations
    • eKomi customer evaluations
    • Item reviews
    • Import of legal texts from external services
  • ... communicative
    • Social share buttons
    • Social bookmarks

Shops / integrations


Store add-ons

Affiliate partners

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Omni-channel sales from one, central command centre

However you mix and match your omni-channel strategy, plentymarkets helps you manage your sales activities and keep your stock levels up-to-date.

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