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Shopware Connector

The best of two systems - connecting plentymarkets and Shopware

The plentymarkets Shopware Connector" (in short: PSC7) was developed and is continuously being improved exclusively by the arvatis media agency. The agency also provides first-class support for the PSC, which makes them our primary partner for installing, integrating and analyzing the plentymarkets Shopware connector.

Not only does the arvatis media agency develop and improve the plentymarkets Shopware Connector (PSC) but it also provides first-class support for the PSC and is therefore our primary partner when it comes to installing, integrating or analyzing the plentymarkets Shopware connector. The PSC7 is the first version to be fully based on REST API. The resulting modular connector can thus be adapted and extended more easily. More Shopware knowledge than ever was incorporated into this connector which is why it can be better integrated into the Shopware infrastructure than any version before. Now you can synchronise a whole range of new information and data fields.

The newly developed interface gives you the very best of both worlds: plentymarkets as your solution for stock management and multi-channel distribution; and Shopware as your solution for a customized store as well as plugins.

Once you have initially imported and exported both systems, the REST interface will synchronise any changes or newly added data. That way, both systems always remain up-to-date.

To follow the progress of the connector, simply go to GitHub project. Feel free to join the connector forum to share feedback and ideas for new features or should you have any questions. If you have individual requirements or customisation requests, our partner arvatis offers an assortment of service packages. In addition to offering packages for custom development projects, arvatis also provides packages for set-up and error analysis.


  • The modular programming of the connector allows for easy and flexible customisation
  • Multi-channel distribution lets you place your products on all the relevant markets
  • The connector uses a new high-performance REST API 
  • The plentymarkets Shopware Connector is open source and available free of charge as a Shopware plugin

General installation guidelines

We recommend installing and setting up the plugin in cooperation with a competent Shopware agency such as our partner agency arvatis media.

  • First, analyse your requirements and get to know both software solutions. The possibilities provided by the Shopware connector are explained in our manual. Since both software solutions work differently, you will need to verify that the data you wish to exchange between the two systems can be synchronized via the connector.
  • If all technical requirements are met, you can get started with the actual implementation.
  • Choose an agency to work with for implementation and integration. Make sure that the agency you choose offers support for the following technical tasks: installing the connector, testing integration and further development of the plugin.
  • Choose a server that fulfils the requirements listed below.
  • Have your agency install the plugin or follow the instructions provided in the PSC7 manual.


To ensure smooth data synchronisation between the two systems make sure that the requirements listed below are met before you set up the shopware connector:

System requirements

  • plentymarkets version 7.0
  • Shopware version 5.2.22 or higher
  • An additional plentymarkets client that has been prepared and set up exclusively for Shopware
  • All customer groups, units and tax rates have been set up in Shopware
  • The following points only apply to you if you migrated from plentymarkets version 6 to plentymarkets version 7 before implementing the new connector version:
    • Clean up your category tree, your prices and your item structure after the migration to prepare for data synchronisation with Shopware. 
    • Make sure that none of the orders in your Shopware system that are in status "open" or "pending" have already been synchronised with a previous version of the connector.

Technical requirements

  • Shopware version 5.2.22 or higher
  • plentymarkets version 7.0
  • Shell access (FTP access is not sufficient)
  • Access to all configuration files (especially the php.ini file)
  • Access to crontabs // Active cron jobs (every minute)
  • php-cli > 7.0 binary with 512 MB RAM or more as well as unlimited process runtime 

The connector cannot be integrated and work properly if these requirements are not met. If you wish to learn more about the two both systems, please contact either your system administrator or one of our service and support agencies.

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