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plentymarkets – the e-commerce ERP for Shopify

Intuitive shop system meets back office powerhouse. The two strong cloud solutions are easily connected with a plugin, and you can benefit from the advantages:

plentymarkets is an e-commerce ERP system that combines stock management tools with a shop system, omni-channel sales and a POS system. Thanks to a wide range of extensive functions and interfaces, sellers can use the online-based software to fully automate all of their online and offline sales.

Shopify is a cloud-based platform for successful online shops. Sellers can use this software to easily design, set up and manage their stores. Shopify's intuitive interface eliminates the need for sellers to learn HTML and web development skills before they can begin selling online.

The most important ERP modules

  • PIM
  • Stock management
  • OMS
  • Fulfilment
  • Automation
  • CRM

Once it's set up, plentymarkets helps you make short work of tedious routine jobs and master your day-to-day tasks. Process everything from orders to returns: easily, quickly and automatically! Warehouse and reorder management, route-optimised picking and packing, automatic e-mail dispatch and countless connections to popular service providers are just a few of the advantages of the plentymarkets ERP.


Connections to over 40 online marketplaces

Want to take your business even further? In just a few clicks, you can list your products on popular marketplaces throughout Europe and reach countless potential new customers. Learn more about the advantages of plentymarkets multi-channel:


  • plentymarkets

    plentymarkets can be yours for £39 excluding VAT monthly base fee with our BASIC rate!

    from £39.00/month
  • plentymarkets-Shopify connector

    Use a free plugin to connect the Shopify shop system to the plentymarkets e-commerce ERP. You can download the plugin from the plentyMarketplace.

  • Shopify

    The basic Shopify plan is available for $29 per month. Learn more about the pricing plans on

    from $29.00/month
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