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The multi-channel retail software with a surprisingly wide reach

Tap into the full potential of the multi-channel retail software, plentymarkets! Thanks to sophisticated multi-channel technology and a wide range of online marketplaces, you can reach your target audiences on whichever markets best meet your needs - and it can all be done quickly and easily! plentymarkets automatically transmits data and communicates with your markets. It manages all of your sales channels from one central location.

Unleash the vast potential of multichannel retailing with plentymarkets

plentymarkets allows our sports retailer Arty to reach his target audience on every important market place. The automated software he uses does most of the work for him. With individualised product ranges in multiple languages, Arty can even set himself apart from his international competitors. Whatever product, whatever market, whatever country - plentymarkets has got you covered!

The highlights of the multi-channel tool

Centralised stock management

plentymarkets always keeps track of your current stock levels, regardless which - or how many - channels you sell on.

  • Synchronise stock automatically
  • Keep track of your flow of goods
  • Reorder stock when needed
  • Plan stock buffers
  • Avoid over-selling items
  • Keep products available 24/7

Customised product information

Every market works a little differently. In plentymarkets, it's possible to manage item data for all of your sales channels in one central location.

  • Customise item texts for better ranking
  • Save individual prices for each channel
  • Manage properties comprehensively
  • List items on markets in one click


plentymarkets eliminates the need to continuously check your items on various markets. Instead, it does the following tasks for you:

  • Synchronise stock
  • Transmit product data
  • Import orders
  • Transmit payment and shipping confirmations
  • Send e-mail notifications to customers when the order status changes
  • View messages from customers in one central location

Online marketplaces - the easy way to start selling items internationally!

The plentymarkets multi-channel retail software simplifies cross-border trade and makes it easy for merchants to begin selling items internationally.

Link your software to marketplaces in other countries and tap into millions of new, potential customers. In 2016, for example, over 175 million European customers bought items from retailers in other countries.

International markets
In addition to the international Amazon and eBay platforms, plentymarkets also comes equipped with interfaces to a wide range of country-specific marketplaces!
Integrated translation services
plentymarkets includes interfaces to professional translation service providers. Use these services to have product information translated directly from within your plentymarkets system.
Cross-border fulfilment partners
Take a look at all the services offered in our comprehensive partner list and choose whatever fulfilment mix is best for your European customers. Profit from fully automated data exchange via our interfaces.


Online stores

Price comparisons

Start quickly, succeed quickly: with our tutorials

Do you need help setting up your markets?

Omni-Channel sales with just one system!

Sell your products on the most popular European marketplaces AND reach customers with your own online and local store. plentymarkets gives you the opportunity to really sell on all channels without much extra effort. Sounds interesting? Then also take a look at our online store solution and our integrated Point of Sale system:

plentymarkets online store
Sell in your own responsive online store – your virtual display window! Learn more about the plentymarkets online store.
plentymarkets POS
Combine local and distance trade ideally and reach your customers simply everywhere! Learn more about plentymarkets POS.
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