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Your customers come first!

Provide your customers with topnotch support: Our customer relationship management module provides all customer information such as order and payment histories and important details about customer queries at a glance. Take your actions in an instant and respond to incoming queries or even complaints directly in plentymarkets with the integrated ticket system.

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Define different customer types in plentymarkets and create individual data fields for each in order to save particular customer characteristics in your system. This option is especially interesting for B2B sales as this requires maintaining long-lasting customer contacts as well as saving and managing extensive background information.


Take care of all your communication with customers and other contacts with the plentymarkets ticket system. E-mails and e-Bay messages are centrally converted into tickets which can then be viewed and worked on by several employees. Using text blocks and E-mail templates facilitates standardized processes.


Use the ticket system as the optimal tool for your B2B sales. To do so, you can simply define a further ticket type and individual statuses and also manage your leads with the ticket system. Resubmission is an especially helpful function here. Furthermore, you can attach individual offers to a ticket.

  • Communication
    • Customer requests per mail or in the online store - directly assigned to the customer account
    • User interface for editing customer surveys (similar to the E-mail application)
    • Assigning types and priorities to requests
    • Assigning requests to certain employees or a group of employees
    • Tracking the communication flow (incl. file attachments) in the central ticket system
    • Access to the order history and communication while processing the request
    • Answering requests via plentymarkets E-mail service and the help of text blocks
  • Customer data
    • Administer your contact data centrally
    • Quick customer search
    • Customer data: complete overview of all data
    • Several delivery addresses
    • Taking notes
    • Data fields can be designed freely per customer class or client
    • Manages documents per customer
    • Access to complete communication (ticket history)
    • Access to all orders / reorders

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