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InterCultural Elements (ICE) offer an A-to-Z solution for online sellers, helping them to successfully sell in foreign and domestic markets. Since 2007 we have been supporting the international expansion of such businesses, ranging from analysing their markets at the very beginning to carrying out their Customer Service in the languages once they are successfully set up. This broad expanse of available services can of course be tailored according to the client’s needs and desires. This can all be done directly from a plentymarkets account, leaving the client in full control at all times.

E-commerce translation is a highly specific field: that’s why we only have native speaking, in-house translators who have been specifically trained for that purpose. We know how important it is to not just correctly translate but also localize all listings and adapt them culturally to the target market, ensuring selling success. Pre- and after-sale communication with buyers can also make or break an account, which is why we have such a highly experienced multilingual Customer Service team, ready to answer all those emails and communicate efficiently and effectively.

Our business philosophy is to work with our clients to find the most affordable and goal-oriented solutions, using our experience to advise on all aspects of international expansion.


Which plentymarkets tailored services do you offer?

All of our services can be carried out directly within plentymarkets and adapted for each marketplace:

  • Professional in-house translation for Japanese, Chinese, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese und English, all carried out by native speakers
  • Localization for specific countries and marketplaces e.g. conversion of sizes, prices, categories, item specifics and length or structure of titles
  • Listing the items directly in the plentymarkets account for the multiple international marketplaces
  • Solving listing errors directly in the plentymarkets account from experienced e-commerce experts
  • Multilingual in-house Customer Service team answering emails and communicating in the buyers’ native language, leaving customers even happier and feedback even better
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