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Join the plentymarkets plugin team!

Wide audience
Reach 4,000 customers with your plugins!
Platform for plentymarkets add-ons and services
Comprehensive information and tutorials for creating plugins
Project exchange
(coming soon)
Benefit from even more orders from plentymarkets customers

Profit from a growing customer base!

Our customers are always on the lookout for new ways to customise their store's design, add new functions to their ERP system and make their software more user-friendly. plentymarkets ZERO lives up to its name by giving sellers a foot in the door with £0 base fee. Our ever-growing customer base can be yours too!

Be a plugin pioneer!

The plentyMarketplace will become the central point of contact for all plentymarkets services and add-ons. Offer your plugins here as well as further services in the future. We're planning a project exchange, where you will also be able to win additional customer orders that relate to consulting, store design, setup or SEO.

Your plugin, your revenue!

  • Store plugins
  • Back end plugins
  • Marketplace plugins
  • Connectors to third-party systems
  • ...and anything else you can think of

Team up with plentyMarketplace!

Simply fill out the following contact form. Our partner managers will get in touch with you and help you set up everything you'll need.


Do you have questions about the plentyMarketplace? Simply send an email to our partner managers with the subject line "plentyMarketplace Partner". They'll be happy to assist you.

Alex Schächtel
Naomi Felicitas Dapra
Customer Service Quality Manager
Kamil Swiderski
André Ullrich

Further information


This is where plugin developers find everything they need to know about creating plentymarkets plugins. Turn to to find all of the latest technologies, documentation and tutorials.

  • Free tutorials
  • Growing knowledge base
  • Comprehensive documentation


We regularly organise CodeCamps to help teach external developers and partners how they can efficiently develop plentymarkets plugins. Here you can find an overview of the events.

  • Developers teaching developers
  • Live-coding sessions
  • Maximum input in one location

Forum category DevPlugin

Our support forum includes a category, which is specifically for providing technical support for plugin developers. Connect with plentymarkets employees and users, who can help you quickly solve any problems.

  • Community platform
  • Employees & developers
  • Free technical support


  • What advantages do I have as a plentyMarketplace partner?

    Our potential partners will be given a free trial version of the software. Of course, you can also turn to our comprehensive online manual and our video tutorials.

  • How can I earn money with the plentyMarketplace?

    At the moment, you can allow customers to download your free plugins from the plentyMarketplace. We're planning to add plugins for a charge by the end of the year. We will keep you up to date and publish information on several channels.

  • I want to offer my own plugins. How can I get started with the development?

    Take a look at our documentation and get in touch with our developers in the forum. You can download a free plentymarkets system for testing your plugins here. Send an email to our partner managers if you have any additional questions.

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