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Foto Helena Schwab
03.04.2018 08:45
from Helena Schwab

Tucked away between several large chain stores in an urban shopping district, there's a charming little store called "A gentleman's wizardry". The store windows are decorated with a range of high-quality products and attractive decorations. Inside, we meet a courteous owner and we watch him delight customers with his spectacular products and his eye for detail. In this day in age, we wonder how long he'll be able to keep up with the competition. But this hero isn't worried. He's prepared...

Foto Maximilian Bochenek
01.11.2017 15:00
from Maximilian Bochenek

Should you sell items in a brick and mortar store or in an online shop? It's no longer possible to answer this question with a simple "either or" solution. Nowadays, many sellers opt to combine traditional stores with an e-commerce strategy. This not only provides their businesses with new opportunities, but also with new sources of revenue. Matthias Hell, e-commerce expert and author, analysed several big players in omni-channel and discovered what they all have in common. This article shows you the most important aspects for a successful omni-channel strategy.

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