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Foto Helena Schwab
16.04.2019 09:30
from Helena Schwab

plentymarkets and Mollie are the best of friends. The payment service provider showed its love by adding a new plugin to plentyMarketplace. This plugin helps plentymarkets customers add payment methods to their system quickly and easily.

Foto Helena Schwab
27.11.2018 14:00
from Helena Schwab

It's now possible for selected sellers to create their own invoices in plentymarkets and export them to Amazon afterwards. That's because we've added Amazon VCS - Amazon's VAT calculation service. At the moment, plentymarkets is the only e-commerce ERP, which allows sellers to use Amazon VCS. Read this blog post to learn about the advantages of Amazon VCS and how you can use it in plentymarkets.

Foto Maximilian Bochenek
20.09.2018 08:45
from Maximilian Bochenek

According to surveys, more than 40 % of online customers want to pay their invoices comfortably via PayPal. The new PayPal payment button for invoices grants that wish. Your customers can pay with just one click – and the amount will be accredited to you just as quickly. This article teaches you how to implement the new feature in your plentymarkets system.

Foto Jan Griesel
21.11.2014 14:00
from Jan Griesel

In early November, we began working with a new partner that specializes in reliable international payment and risk management solutions. AFEX handles all aspects of international payment, from risk consultation to transaction execution. It develops unique international payment and exchange solutions and strategically customizes them to match your financial goals.

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