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Foto Jan Griesel
25.06.2013 17:22
from Jan Griesel

The new plentymarkets version 4.502 has been officially released for use today. Our development department was able to resolve all conflicts reported during the test phase. I would like to thank all those involved in testing for their great work!

This version of plentymarkets includes a range of useful detail enhancements which will make it easy for you to change to the new version. The most striking improvement is the new order search. Results will now be shown much quicker and a more useful arrangement of filters and icons has improved user-friendliness.

Moreover, I want to highlight the following three extensions of the new plentymarkets version 4.502:

  • Due to the new CalDAV interface, the integrated calendar is now really fun to use as a central calendar for all employees. With this interface you can also view and manage your preferred calendar software (e.g. iCal on iPhone). Each staff member can define in plentymarkets which colleagues will be able to view and change his or her calendar.
  • If you sell items with many variants (e.g. clothing), I am sure you will like the new stocks display. You can now filter items by individual attributes and will get more information than before at a glance.
  • New SOAP-API version: the current documentation for the latest SOAP API version will go online in a few days. Thanks to various new options and extended response objects, this version is a real milestone. It is especially useful for users with writing permissions. I will announce this SOAP version again as soon as the documentation is available online.

We are about to finish our new plentymarkets version 5.0. The official test run for this version starts soon and will be announced in this blog. plentymarkets 5.0 is the version that will serve you during the upcoming Christmas sales. Among other things, it focusses on the configuration of work processes, e.g. for the shipping process. Moreover, this version allows for the integration of shopware.

However, you will have to change to version 4.502 first. Please catch up on all changes made and change to version 4.502 by 02.08.2013.

plentymarkets 4.5 // The new order search by plentymarkets GmbH on Vimeo.

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