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10.09.2019 15:30
from Heidi Pfannes

After the founding of plentymarkets Limited in 2013 and the successful expansion into the UK, plentysystems AG will enter the Polish e-commerce market with its plentymarkets e-commerce ERP in summer 2019.

plentymarkets AG continues internationalisation

It is no secret that Polish e-commerce is a growth market and holds great potential according to many experts. The numbers speak for themselves: just in 2019, Polish e-commerce is predicted to grow by 15.5%, with a turnover of 8.783 billion Euro spread across the approximately 12,000 currently active Polish online stores. Some of these sellers are already using the German e-commerce ERP plentymarkets and demand has grown consistently in recent years. To meet this demand, plentysystems AG plans on orienting to the Polish market in addition to Germany and the UK and localising its software accordingly. plentymarkets already took the first step into this direction back in March by integrating the biggest Polish marketplace, Allegro.

plentysystems and

With this, plentymarkets closes a gap in e-commerce solutions on the Polish market and provides sellers with even more growth opportunities and scalability. Using plentymarkets, Polish sellers can access over 40 online selling platforms with a single software. Thanks to modern plugin technology, it is even possible to integrate stores that run on other shop systems. With additional plugins and the open REST API - a programming interface based on internet standard that is specifically tailored to cloud services - sellers can extend their plentymarkets system as much as they want. Other perks include modern technologies and a dynamically growing ecosystem of partner solutions.

“Polish sellers always look for solutions for selling on international marketplaces. They focus on process solutions, sales solutions, predictability and business continuity,” says Anna Konopa, CEP of “Our team at has a lot of experience in selling on international marketplaces and knows the solutions that already exist, both on the Polish and the German side. Unfortunately, these solutions only cover the needs of international online sellers partially at best. We are delighted that we can now bridge the gap between Poland and Germany, as well as other Western European countries, together with plentymarkets. We are convinced that this cooperation is the answer to the questions and needs Polish online sellers have had for a long time. and plentymarkets are united by the idea of BEOMNI, a sales strategy that has aimed for omni-channel selling and marketplace diversification from the beginning.”

Expansions especially successful thanks to partnership

Wanted... and found! When looking for support and advise for introducing the plentymarkets e-commerce ERP on the Polish market, the German-Polish full-service agency quickly became the partner of choice.

“We’re very pleased to have found such an experienced and competent partner in to help us expand and launch our product in Poland. The agency’s service portfolio covers everything that we and our future Polish sellers need to successfully sell with plentymarkets on the international markets. I’m really looking forward to all the new experiences we will gain through face-to-face communication with Polish sellers at exhibitions and meet-ups. An exciting time lies ahead of us!”, says Carsten Brassel, Head of International Business Development at plentysystems.

The companies’ strategies match perfectly: plentysystems AG is a company specialised in e-commerce and multichannel solutions and offers plentymarkets, an e-commerce ERP system and leading multichannel tool on Germany’s commerce tool market with interfaces to more than 40 international online platforms. is specialised in setting up online platforms and in marketplace diversification and will begin to recommend plentymarkets to Polish online sellers from now on. also provides their own fulfilment process to online sellers. During this fulfilment process, the products are stored in Poland as usual. then initiates the shipment to German warehouses, e.g. DHL or DPD warehouses. Finally, the products are shipped to destinations in Germany, but also to international destinations. This is a reliable and professional solution for sellers who sell their products on online marketplaces or in their own online stores.

About was founded by a group of online sellers in close cooperation with lawyers and logistics experts. The founders still operate their online stores and seller accounts on,, eBay, Amazon, Rakuten, Cdiscount, and to stay updated at all times. Hence, is an experienced team which shares their successes in omnichannel strategies with their customers, helping them to thrive.

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