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Foto Jan Griesel
19.01.2016 10:00
from Jan Griesel

Great news! Last week, three huge projects were finalized in new versions:

  • Callisto Light 3 is online
  • plentymarkets Client Update 220 beta3
  • New version of the plentymarkets app

Callisto Light 3 is online

Callisto Light 3 puts forward a new version of the individual order process. Our responsive template and the order process were developed on the basis of Bootstrap and are optimized for all display sizes. The new Java Script Library, the plenty-CMS-library, facilitates handling the REST API and adjusting to responsive frameworks.

plentymarkets Client Update

The new client version 220 beta3 fulfills many of our customers' wishes. Among them are new procedures and filters to expand your processes in plentymarkets. Moreover there is a new solution for printing with the Client on Mac devices. Take a look at our changelog to see all of the new features and changes!
This way for the Client Download & Changelog.

Take a look at our video tutorials to see explanations of the plentymarkets Client functions and processes.

New version of the plentymarkets app

Update your plentymarkets app to gain access to a new order overview in the style of the item overview. Here you can change the order status and save notes within the app.


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