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25.05.2011 17:35

By using plentymarkets, a good many of our customers experience a high growth period. And just the other day, the success story of Möbel Ideal came to our attention:

Six years after opening the doors of our furniture store in Aurich and recording moderate growth figures, we started using plentymarkets at the end of 2008 to offer our products on the internet. We could never have imagined where this journey would take us. At this point, our company still had another name and was not widely known, not even locally. Today, only three years later, our team has already doubled and we are about to put our new high-bay warehouse into operation. This will increase our storage capacity from 2,500 to more than 8,500 pallet spaces. We owe this to the high performing and user-friendly all-in-one e-commerce solution plentymarkets.

Möbel Ideal

As we are now able to sell our products on various markets and as our own expectations become more and more ambitious through our multi-store and plentymarkets in general, we even employed staff last year who are not only dealing with typical marketing and online marketing tasks but who are also responsible for programming the layout and scripts. We used to find it hard to find reliable external service providers. That is why we decided to take this step and employ experienced in-house experts. Thus, in the last two months we worked on our layouts for Möbel Ideal and Wohnen Ideal and rebuilt them from scratch - and this time on our own initiative. As we now communicate our wishes and ideas in-house, we were able to easily create a completely new layout with functions that would have been difficult to explain to and implement with an external service provider.

The product only encouraged us in our plans to create more jobs in that area to make sure we can keep making professional adjustments later on. Now, we can limit our questions to the plentymarkets support to what is strictly necessary and are more flexible when dealing with technological issues in-house. The plentymarkets system speaks for itself. It was this system, with its qualified (and patient) support, that enabled our growth in the first place. We look forward to a successful future with plentymarkets and to the next update...



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