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17.09.2019 11:55
from Heidi Pfannes

You asked for it and we delivered it - the new eBay volume pricing feature which allows you to offer discounts if your customers on eBay buy large quantities of an item is now available in the eBay Marketing plugin. Read this blog to learn everything about the perks and the setup of eBay volume pricing.

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Increase your sales on eBay with volume pricing

The volume pricing feature for eBay that many sellers have eagerly waited for is now available in plentymarkets. eBay volume pricing allows you to offer discounts for your items on eBay if customers buy more than one item. The feature’s advantages are clear: If you offer discounts for higher item quantities, you are more likely to sell multiple items at once, which helps you to generate more sales on eBay. Volume pricing especially pays off if you offer it on consumables that are frequently bought, such as cosmetics and household items, as the discounts encourage your customers to stock up and buy more items at once. And what’s more, you will also save on shipping costs if you ship multiple items at once - this will make your customers happy as well!

How to set up eBay volume pricing in plentymarkets

In order to offer volume pricing on eBay, the eBay Marketing plugin has to be installed in your plentymarkets system. The plugin enables you to create promotions and campaigns on eBay. You also need an eBay store subscription. If you have not installed the eBay Marketing plugin yet, you can download it for free in the plentyMarketplace

Once the plugin is installed, you can set up volume pricing for an eBay promotion in the Listings » eBay Promotions menu. Enter the item quantity from which discounts should be offered and enter the discount in percent. The discount will automatically be displayed at the selected listings on eBay.

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