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07.07.2015 15:52

eBay recently gave buyers the ability to request a purchase cancellation within 1 hour of placing an order as long as the order has not been shipped yet. The seller then has 3 days to reply to the request. Most of the cancellation requests you'll receive will probably be from impulse buyers who would have returned the item anyway. Previously, your employees would have had to pick and pack the item and perform further work for such purchases. Thus, the new cancellation option eases your workload and may even reduce your volume of returns.

Inform eBay about your decision automatically

Requests are automatically imported into plentymarkets. This optimizes your workflow for these new cancellation requests and allows you to process them in plentymarkets. You can then decide to accept or reject requests on an individual basis. Whatever your decision, it will automatically be communicated to eBay with the help of event procedures. If you already use some of our convenient event procedures, you know that you only need to set them up once to automate whole processes. As usual, you can find further information on how to activate the automatic retrieval of requests and on how to set up the event procedure in our manual.

Rejecting all requests for paid orders

We also offer a simple way to automatically reject requests for all orders that have been paid for already. To do so, all you have to do is create an event procedure to mark any fully paid orders with eBay as the referrer. In the event procedure that you set up for rejecting cancellation requests, you can then filter orders with this marking and presto – you've automated the whole process.

When does eBay make the decision for you?

If you do not react to a cancellation request, then eBay will automatically make a decision for you after 3 days: If the buyer has already paid for their goods, then the request will be rejected. If the buyer has not already paid for their goods, then the request will be accepted.

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