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12.04.2018 08:45
from Helena Schwab

In just 10 short years, the Strauss family founded the company my-Bagfactory and started down the road to success. Their innovative, hand-made leather products are cherished by customers all around the world. This article looks at the leather bag manufacturer and chronicles their journey from a small eBay shop to a multi-national business. Webshop

Custom leather products for individual tastes has ushered in a new era for purses and baggage. Customers start out by choosing from a wide range of products and then they further customise their purchases as desired. Products can be modified in many ways - anything from adding initials to requesting complicated airbrush patterns. There are no limits to customers' imaginations. Not only do their products make great gifts, but they're also quite practical – for example, personalised luggage is much easier to find at baggage claim.

The Strauss family came up with the idea for their store 10 years ago. The couple knows their way around the industry: Oliver Strauss worked in online marketing for several years and NiK Strauss studied fashion design in London, Milan and New York. Both love the natural product, leather, and so it was an easy decision to sell hand-made leather products.

The perfect software for a growing multi-channel strategy

The couple painstakingly sold their first home-made products on eBay. And customers loved the concept. Their combination of high-quality, sustainability, design and fair prices sent their sales through the roof in just a short time. The company got started without the help of any additional software. They only used the tools that were available on eBay. But as their store grew, they quickly realised they would need help.

The young company tried several different software solutions over the years – everything from Excel-Sheets to Turbo Lister and then finally plentymarkets. They're happy to be here: "plentymarkets really helped us manage all of our complex demands. We're very happy. There's no way we would want to go back!", said CEO Oliver Strauss.

International sales made easy with plentymarkets

plentymarkets helped send my-BagFactory down the path toward internationalisation. A few years ago, the company was still selling exclusively on marketplaces. But they saw the next logical step in internationalisation. Cross-border marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Etsy and La Redoute allowed them to offer their custom leather products outside of their home country in Germany. Thanks to the multi-channel functions included in plentymarkets, the company was able to explore new horizons. They began selling their bags within Europe, then later in the USA, Canada and Japan. Their success proves them right: Oliver Strauss estimates the yearly growth rate at 40% thanks to internationalisation.

In 2016, their long-awaited dream came true and they worked together with ONEDOT to create their own online store, Their hard work paid off and they were promptly nominated for the plenty Award 2017. The store did a lot of business during the holiday shopping season and the company has lots of plans for further internationalisation in the future. They're not giving away any of their plans at the moment, but Oliver Strauss told us that they've already started looking at potential new marketplaces.

We're excited to see where will go from here and we wish them all the best for the future!

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