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Foto Helena Schwab
03.04.2018 08:45
from Helena Schwab

Tucked away between several large chain stores in an urban shopping district, there's a charming little store called "A gentleman's wizardry". The store windows are decorated with a range of high-quality products and attractive decorations. Inside, we meet a courteous owner and we watch him delight customers with his spectacular products and his eye for detail. In this day in age, we wonder how long he'll be able to keep up with the competition. But this hero isn't worried. He's prepared...

Wizard of POS plentyPOS plentymarkets

Back home, he's known as a simple tradesman. This well-dressed hero sells accessories for real gentlemen - particularly hats, suits and canes. His customers love his friendly demeanour, expert knowledge and thorough consultations. Customers are always glad they came to see him first. But there's something that no one knows. The man behind the curtain is the Wizard of POS! Our hero toils away, secretly revolutionising the world of omni-channel sales. But how does he do it?

Tradition and modernity, analogue and digital?

Every customer is a bit different. Some research products and check prices online, then buy the item in a brick and mortar store. Others like to see and touch items in the real world before buying them online - even if it's from the competition. Still others buy online but want their items delivered to a local store. Customer behaviour is so complex that it can be dizzying. But there's no reason to be afraid – at least, that's what the Wizard of POS thought, as he rolled up his sleeves and took fate into his own hands. His store has a small door leading to a back room. But when the Wizard of POS opens this door, his shop opens up to the entire world. He not only serves customers who visit his store, but he also offers his products in an equally charming online store and on the world's largest marketplaces.

His tools? A tablet till, scanner and software.

At the heart of his business is something that no one sees: plentymarkets. He uses it as a till software in his brick and mortar store. With just one item data record, *chingching* he can sell his products on as many online channels as he wants. Think it costs him extra time and energy? No way! Just like magic: once it's been set up, plentymarkets automates every step of the fulfilment process. Pack orders - done! With all of this help, the Wizard of POS always has enough time to interact with customers in his brick and mortar store. A real Glocal Hero!

From the shop around the corner to the World Wide Web!

Want to reach more customers and accompany them on their journey? Learn from the Wizard of POS and link your brick and mortar store with your website. plentymarkets provides you with an online shop and interfaces to numerous marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Dawanda, Zalando, Otto and many more. The central stock management tool in the e-commerce ERP system always keeps you up to date on your items, sales and stock levels on every channel - both online and off.

The app is compatible with many other devices so that you can choose the hardware that's right for you. It works with ELO and UPOS tablet tills, EPSON receipt printers, ingenico payment terminals and many other popular devices. In terms of reporting, plentyPOS fulfils all of the GoBD requirements and helps you keep an eye on your business. Free updates mean that your system always conforms with current legal requirements. Further information under

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