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03.05.2018 08:45
from Helena Schwab

Sometimes it feels like there are millions of passwords to remember. And it can be tempting to cut corners or use mnemonic devices just to keep track. But make sure your employees don't give into temptation and create weak passwords that put your plentymarkets system at risk. Take password security into your own hands and create password strength rules for all of the users in your system.

Create your very own password policy

By default, plentymarkets requires users to create passwords that are at least 8 characters long and that contain a mixture of upper and lower case letters, numbers and special characters. But did you know that you can create even stricter password rules too? We've added a new function to plentymarkets, which allows you to modify these default settings so that they meet your company's very own security standards.

Now you can increase the minimum password length and specify which exact types of characters the passwords should include. You can also force employees to change their passwords regularly by specifying how many days passwords are valid. Furthermore, you can prevent users from simply recycling old passwords by instructing plentymarkets not to accept any passwords that have recently been used.

Resources for employees

plentymarkets makes it easy for users to save new passwords. When your employees open their account data, they will see guidelines instructing them how many characters need to be used at minimum and which types of characters their passwords need to include. We're currently in the process of developing a notification bubble, which will pop up and remind users to change their passwords a few days before they expire. We're hoping to release this notification tool sometime in the near future.

Check out our online manual to learn more about the individual settings and options!

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