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19.09.2019 11:00
from Johanna Becker

You’re probably familiar with the following situation: you’re searching for this specific view in the vastness of the backend, but you just don’t know where to look. Or you are new to plentymarkets and you don’t want to open every single menu item. Here comes the solution to your problem.

screenshot global search

The new global search is online

Prominently placed, you can find the search field in the main navigation bar. It enables you to find any view you have backend rights for. The search results are grouped by category and at the top you will always find those results that have been found in the assistants. The ones found in the main menu points such as “Item”, “Orders”, “Stock” and of course in entries of the system tree under “Setup” are displayed underneath. Basically, two results are shown. If more results are available, you may open them by clicking on “Show all X results”. In case you could not find what you were looking for, scroll to the bottom and directly jump into the manual search to find further results.

Navigating via keyboard

screenshot user account

We certainly know that you like to navigate via the keyboard, which is why we considered its use, too. Thus, you can navigate to the results by using the arrow keys and open them by clicking on Enter. “Esc” closes the search field and with the defined shortcut you can open it - the standard setting for this is “F1”. If you want to change the shortcut, go to Setup » Settings » User » Accounts. Alternatively, the view is accessible via the first entry underneath the user icon at the top right of the backend. Or why not use the global search right away and search for “accounts”? Once in the accounts view, select your user and open the Personal settings » Shortcuts tab. Go to the Global Shortcuts area and adjust the key combination for “Open global search” as desired.

You haven’t tried the new search yet? Go and see for yourself how easy and enjoyable searching is now!

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