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Foto Annika Fischer
28.03.2022 14:37
from Annika Fischer

It doesn't just look good, it also opens the door to new functionality: the new plentymarkets manual is here! The optimisation process is far from over, though. We'll continue to work on the manual's contents and structure, but we also need your help, for example to improve the search function.

It's time for a relaunch. Why? Because your feedback from our last surveys has shown us where our manual falls short. We've taken all the criticism very seriously and are in the process of developing solutions accordingly. Now we're happy to present the first step of our manual relaunch.

We've migrated to a powerful content management system to create the best technical basis for the next steps. At the same time, the manual shines with a new design. And because many plentySellers asked for a better site search, we've included a new search function with better error tolerance and search suggestions. 

Please feed our search!

The new manual isn't perfect yet, but together with you we'll get there soon. Especially the new search function still has a bit to learn—this means that it might not give you the best results yet. The more you feed the search with requests, the more we can fine-tune it! 

There may also be a transition period where old links in the forum don't work anymore. This is because the URL structure has changed. You can update your old bookmarks little by little with the new links. Of course we're working on updating the links in the forum, when possible. Give the technology and us just a bit more time!

Two ways for your feedback 

Our goal is to increase the quality of the manual together with the plentySellers. It's a work in progress and we're right in the middle of it. This is where your feedback and your experience come in:

  • Is there any information that's missing from the manual? Then let us know via the feedback form on the corresponding page (top right).

  • And of course you can always give us feedback in the forum as well. 

Thank you for your support! Click here to open the new plentymarkets manual. 

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