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11.09.2018 08:45
from Helena Schwab

We've recently restructured our prices so that every seller gets the most for their money. Whether you're new to e-commerce or you already run a small, medium or large business, we've got a rate to meet your individual needs. The new plentymarkets FLEX rate is particularly interesting, since it gives experienced sellers more flexibility than ever before! Continue reading to learn more about our new pricing model.

plentymarkets Tarife

We're really proud of our new pricing plan. Thanks to the wide range of payment options, we've created a rate for every seller. There's everything from pre-paid plans to a monthly bill based on the amount of revenue or the number of orders generated. And the best part: each rate includes all the plentymarkets software modules so you'll always benefit from our wide range of functions.

"All different types of sellers use plentymarkets. We spent a lot of time designing the new price structure because we want to meet the needs of all our customers and offer everyone a fair price. We're proud to have created attractive and flexible prices that meet the needs of all different types of businesses and sellers."
(Bernhard Weiß, CBDO plentymarkets)

PRO rates – custom tailored to match your business!

The PRO price group includes two rates, FLEX and CLASSIC. These rates allow you to decide which contract duration and pricing model is best for your business.

New: plentymarkets FLEX!

The new FLEX rate is our flexible pricing plan for experienced sellers. Each month, it can be changed to meet the needs of your business. You decide whether you'd prefer your bill to be based on the total revenue or the number of orders generated!

Both of the plentymarkets FLEX plans are billed on a sliding scale. The more revenue or orders generated, the lower your license costs will be. This rate is available starting from £ 0.07 per order or only 0.15% of your revenue! Since your bill is based on your revenue, you only pay for what you've really used each month. This makes it much easier to deal with seasonal items because you're not stuck with the same pre-paid order package all year.

Tried and true: plentymarkets CLASSIC!

Do you prefer to make long-term plans and know what costs you're going to have in the future? plentymarkets CLASSIC allows you to plan your business in advance. Thanks to attractive, pre-paid order packages with different contract durations, not only will you get the best price, but you'll always be in control of your costs.

STARTER: Our rate for new sellers with £ 0 fixed charges

Our starter rates PAY AS YOU GO, BASIC and ADVANCED include all plentymarkets software modules and services with £ 0 fixed charges. Our experience has shown us that plentymarkets PAY AS YOU GO is the best rate for new sellers and e-commerce start-ups. BASIC and ADVANCED are affordable options for new sellers who are starting to gain a bit more experience in e-commerce. In other words, the STARTER rates grow along with new businesses.

If you've already ordered a test system and you decide to book plentymarkets during your 30-day free trial, then all of your settings will remain as they are and they will be transferred over to your new rate.

Important information for existing customers:

Customers who booked PAY AS YOU GO or CLASSIC before September 5th, 2018 will not be affected by the new rates until they decide to change the conditions of their contract with the configurator. Customers who already have a CLASSIC contract and book one of the new rates with the configurator, will not lose the order packages that they've booked. They will be transferred over to the new rate in accordance with their contract duration.

Do you want to switch to a different rate? Log into your plentymarkets system and access the Service Centre from the main menu. You will be able to make changes with the configurator.

Here you can find everything you need to know about the new pricing options:

View the rates

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