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02.06.2015 13:43
from Jan Griesel

Is your store already compatible with mobile devices? If you've been thinking about when to make your store mobile-friendly, then now is a great time to get started.

The first responsive store design for plentymarkets, Callisto Light, was released in May. By releasing this design, we've saved you the hassle of having to customize a mobile-friendly design on your own. The design can be used free of charge. New plentymarkets stores automatically come with this design by default.

Why should you make your store mobile-friendly?

An ever increasing percentage of customers view online stores and buy items on their mobile devices. When combining this fact with the new Google ranking criteria, it's easy to see the advantages of implementing a responsive or mobile design. Google announced that it was going to make this change a long time ago and provided comprehensive information about this topic.

What counts for this Google ranking factor is having a mobile-friendly store. It doesn't matter if this is done with a responsive design or a mobile design. When implementing a mobile design, make sure that the design is used automatically and that customers do not land on a desktop layout.

Callisto Light was created with the help of current technical tools. We used the current version of Bootstrap as well as several new CMS syntax functions. Since we used Bootstrap, the design can easily be adjusted to match the display size of various devices (desktop, mobile phone, tablet). The sleek Callisto Light design brings usability to the foreground. The focus is on providing a user-friendly design with a simple navigation.

We will continue to provide you with useful template functions and variables in the future so that you can customize your design even further. If you are hesitant to implement a new design on your own, then team up with a web design specialist to help you give your store a brand new look.

Good luck with your new responsive design project!

For further information, refer to Google's instructions for creating mobile-friendly websites.

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