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Foto Maximilian Bochenek
02.04.2019 09:45
from Maximilian Bochenek

plentymarkets is a powerful e-commerce tool, which gives sellers nearly endless possibilities. But since it’s a complex software, plentymarkets can seem difficult at times. We know that "complex" doesn’t have to be "complicated" – and that’s why we came up with a new way for sellers to easily set up their plentymarkets system. Get ready for a whole new way of using your plentymarkets software!

plentymarkets assistants

Step by step to your perfectly configured plentymarkets system

plentymarkets is a comprehensive software, which can help you meet the challenges of the modern e-commerce world. But in the past, the vast number of options made it difficult for sellers to set up their systems. Each service provider had its own settings and sellers needed to enter loads of information. Although there were tons of possibilities, it was easy for sellers lose track. Wouldn't it be great if someone could guide you through the process and help you set up your plentymarkets system?

Meet the plentymarkets assistants! They intuitively guide users through the initial setup processes. No more clicking through what seems like hundreds of menus. Now it's possible to set up features in just a few minutes and begin selling with plentymarkets in a heartbeat. It’s just that simple!

Now available:

We put the plentymarkets assistants where they’ll easily be found. Simply hover your mouse over the “System” menu in plentymarkets and you’ll see the "Assistants" submenu. There you’ll find all of our easy configuration tools!

The following assistants are already available:

  • Basics
    Save basic information about your company and configure settings for the user account that you are currently logged in with.
  • Integrations
    This assistant helps you set up several useful plugins for your online store as well as shipping and payment providers. After completing this assistant, your plentymarkets software will be ready to sell – all that’s left to do is configure your online store!
  • Shipping settings
    Start shipping with just a few clicks! This assistant guides you step by step through all the settings you’ll need to configure before you begin sending items to customers.

Coming soon:

We are continuously developing even more helpful assistants. Here's a list of handy little helpers that will show up in your plentymarkets software very soon:

  • Amazon
  • PayPal
  • Warehouse settings

We wish you a successful start with the effortless setup of your plentymarkets system!

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