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02.10.2018 08:45
from Maximilian Bochenek

Online customers want their packages to be delivered as conveniently as possible. You can use the services provided by DHL Wunschpaket to make this wish come true. Customers who live in certain metropolitan areas will be able to receive packages whenever and wherever it's convenient for them. Continue reading to find out how you can use plentymarkets and the DHL Wunschpaket service to increase customer satisfaction.

DHL Wunschpaket plentymarkets

Customers appreciate having their packages delivered at a time that's convenient for them. DHL allows customers who live in certain metropolitan areas to decide when their packages should be delivered. Customers are allowed to choose a two-hour timeframe between 10:00am and 9:00pm. By allowing customers to decide when their packages are delivered, you'll end up with fewer returns and more repeat buyers.

We've updated the DHL Wunschpaket plugin so that it checks the recipient's postal code during the checkout process and decides whether it will be possible for DHL to deliver at the chosen time.

How sellers benefit from deliveries at specific times

  • Satisfied customers who receive packages at their preferred times
  • More packages delivered on the first try and fewer returns
  • Available to 35 million residents in 450 cities and counties
  • Makes your online store more attractive
  • Satisfied and repeat customers
  • Receive payment faster thanks to direct deliveries

ToDo: Update your plugins in plentymarkets

It's only possible to check the postal code during the checkout process if you've saved and deployed the following plugins with the version specified:

If you have questions about using DHL Wunschpaket with plentymarkets, please feel free to contact us in the forum. We've created a forum thread for this specific topic!

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