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27.01.2016 15:41

Klarna Checkout makes mobile commerce quick and easy. Mobile devices have become ubiquitous in this day and age. We take them with us on the tube and reach for them during our breaks. But despite the increasing popularity of mobile commerce, such transactions also face their own set of obstacles. Naturally, mobile commerce means that potential customers are on the move. Customers who browse through products on the go lack the time to enter comprehensive payment information and are unlikely to have such credit card and bank information memorised. Klarna Checkout understands this dilemma and only requires customers to enter information that they already know by heart.

A common assumption is that customers are likely to search for items on mobile devices, but wait to purchase the items later on. Based on this assumption, many online stores poured money into responsive designs and product images that fit all screen sizes. However, these same businesses often ignored the checkout altogether. Some businesses still operate this way, but others question the logic. Why should customers wait to buy a product when they’ve already found exactly what they are looking for? Klarna Checkout entices customers to take the next step by making the checkout process as quick and easy as possible.

Sellers who implement Klarna Checkout do not need to spend additional time and money modifying their own store’s checkout for mobile purchases. Customers are simply redirected to Klarna Checkout, rather than completing the process in the online store.

Klarna Checkout includes several different payment methods, which means that your customers are given flexibility to choose the payment method that they prefer. If the customer has used Klarna in the past, then the payment information will be filled in automatically. The same is also true if the customer has already logged into your store. New customers only need to enter information that they already know by heart.

Good mobile checkout systems can help you dramatically increase your conversion rate. Klarna Checkout follows the ideal “mobile first”. This means that its design fits all types of mobile devices and it guides users through the checkout process intuitively.

How is Klarna Checkout integrated into plentymarkets?

Setting up Klarna Checkout is quick and easy. Simply enter your Klarna account information into plentymarkets and insert the template function {% Container_CheckoutKlarnaPayment() %} into your store’s web design. Then adjust the button and text colours to match your store’s design as needed.

Our online manual includes detailed instructions on entering the account information and inserting the template function in the design Callisto Light 3.

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