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16.04.2018 08:45
from Helena Schwab

Shortly after eBay Analytics, eBay Marketing and eBay SEO we have already developed a new plugin for you: Let us introduce you to the eBay Feedback plugin, which allows you to react to feedback from eBay customers. Learn everything you need to know about the eBay Feedback plugin in this blog.

You've missed the news about the two other eBay plugins? Check out these blog entries about the eBay Marketing and the eBay Analytics plugin and the eBay SEO.

eBay Feedback Plugin

Reply to feedback from eBay customers

The new eBay Feedback plugin enables you to reply to feedback from your eBay customers in your plentymarkets system, thus helping you to improve your customer satisfaction because now you can say thank you for great feedback, but you also have the chance to solve misunderstandings. Feedback from eBay customers is automatically imported once a day and stored as a ticket in your plentymarkets system. The only thing you need to do is setting up a ticket import for eBay feedback. In order to answer to your customers‘ feedback, simply create an event procedure and enter your reply right in the ticket, which will then be transferred to eBay at once.

The ticket not only shows you the customer’s feedback, but you can also see with how many stars your customer has rated you. Furthermore, you can access the order data directly from the ticket, as feedback and order are linked. Of course it is possible to use all other functions of our ticket system as well with the eBay Feedback plugin.

Get started now and reply to feedback from your eBay customers! The eBay Feedback plugin is available in the plentyMarketplace.

Download eBay Feedback plugin

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