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Foto Helena Schwab
30.04.2018 08:45
from Helena Schwab

When the machinery of the city has come to rest and the streets are almost empty, when the windows have gone dark and most souls are asleep, you can sometimes hear it. Something clinking and clanking in a dark alleyway. A giggle. Then silence. At the end of the narrow passage a light shines through the crack of a door that has been left ajar. The hinges creak. A figure enters. Bam! The door slams shut. What's going on?

Automatrix Glocal Heroes plentymarkets

E-commerce is booming more than ever. Stories are told of sellers who can no longer handle the floods of orders, who are afraid of not making good on their promises to deliver on time. On their quest for advice, some lucky seekers are given an anonymous tip. While some think it's a trick, those who are brave and venture to the end of this shady street, past the rusty door, are soon rewarded.

Time for the good things in life

Thump, thud, rattle. "Where have I landed," many visitors wonder as they make their way towards the iron door. Yet on the other side lies a magical place. A seemingly endless warehouse stretches as far as the eye can see and, as legend has it, everything seems to be running on magic. Some recount a kind of blue energy pulsating through the machines, keeping them going. Little helpers contribute to the hustle and bustle by enclosing documents and taping up packages. Amidst the buzz of the machines, the grinding of gearwheels, and the whirr of a printer, she – the epitome of exuberance – takes a moment to relish in the commotion. Automatrix – one of the few heroes that has ever been seen. Some speak of her incredible powers with great awe. Others of the soothing coffee served with a wink and a kind smile.

In watching Automatrix, sellers become witness to how easy it is to automate their daily routine in mail-order business. And as the weight is lifted off their shoulders, they realize that they can actually have more time to enjoy the good things in life – like popping bubble wrap, which comes highly recommended by Automatrix herself. This particular Glocal Hero is the inventor of exceptional processes that stay in motion due to her super powers alone. And at the heart of this great pulsating organism? plentymarkets.

Once set up, this magical system automatically handles the fulfillment process of any seller, regardless of size, from when the order comes in to when the package is handed over to the shipping service provider of choice. Brought to life by her blue energy, Automatrix' trusted helpers, Fully and Filly, carry out the few manual tasks left: packing, taping, labeling, done.

The right shipping service providers and processes with a dash of positive energy

A system that always keeps your customers informed about how far along their order is, prints shipping documents and registers packages with shipping service providers without you having to lift a finger? A system that simultaneously updates your central statuses so that all your employees are on the same page? The answer is simple: plentymarkets. With over 20 shipping service providers, Automatrix was instantly sold on partnering up with plentymarkets to revolutionize e-commerce. Choose the shipping service providers that suit you and your needs best. Simply set up an account and soon you'll be shipping items around the world. If you're ready to automate your routines tasks in a logical way, Automatrix is ready to listen. Take advantage of her expertise and benefit from her helping hand. Soon you'll see that, powered by plentymarkets processes, everything from communicating with customers and service providers to shipping and returns can be completely automated. Finally! More time for coffee and bubble wrap.

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