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13.11.2018 08:45
from Maximilian Bochenek

On November 14th we will release a new beta version of ElasticSync. This article teaches you how to use the beta version and which new features it includes.

ElasticSync Queue

You can find the new beta version of ElasticSync in the menu Data => ElasticSync beta. At first, you will be able to use either the plugin version or the new beta version.

Important information for beta testers

The new ElasticSync isn't a plugin. Rather, it's directly integrated into plentymarkets. The Data menu now includes two different ElasticSync entries. The new version is marked as "beta". The plugin version is listed under the old name. Once the beta version has reached a certain level of maturity, the plugin will be removed and your syncs will automatically be transferred to the new version.

Since both versions use different databases, you'll need to use the beta version when creating new syncs. Alternatively, you can manually transfer your syncs over to the new version by exporting them from the plugin and importing them into the package. Just make sure that you don't use the syncs in both versions at the same time. In other words, make sure that you've deactivated the interval in one of the versions.

What's new?

  • No longer based on plugin technology
    The new version of ElasticSync isn't a plugin. While developing the new "Queue" function, we realised that we needed to move away from plugin technology. Otherwise this new feature would have been limited by the plugin infrastructure.
  • New UI for mapping
    We worked together with the community and developed a new UI, which allows you to match columns in your file with data fields in your system.
  • Queue
    The "Queue" function makes it possible to import large quantities of data into plentymarkets. The "Queue" function springs into action if an import file contains more than 500 lines of data. This feature splits an import file into smaller pieces (so-called "jobs"), which contain a maximum of 500 lines each. If a file contains fewer than 500 lines, then it will be imported the normal way.

Plugin - What does the future hold?

Once the new version has reached a certain level of maturity, the plugin will be removed and data will automatically be transferred to the new version. The FormatDesigner will continue to exist as a separate plugin. In the future, we will only develop new features for the new version of ElasticSync. However, we will continue to fix bugs in the plugin until we discontinue it altogether.

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