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23.07.2018 08:45
from Helena Schwab

ElasticSync and FormatDesigner make it easy to synchronise item data from your plentymarkets system. There's no longer a limitation of 10,000 data records per export, so you can export larger quantities of data than ever before. Keep reading to learn more about the work that we put into the synchronisation of item and variation data.

ElasticSync and FormatDesigner - two great tools

You've probably already heard about the ElasticSync plugin. If not, head on over to plentyMarketplace and try it out for yourself. ElasticSync makes it easy for users to import data into their systems. ElasticSync is much more flexible and customisable than the old plentymarkets data formats were.

If you use ElasticSync in your system, then you also have access to the FormatDesigner. This great tool helps you create formats for exporting data.

No limit to how much data you can export

Until recently, it was only possible to export 10,000 data records at once. But technological advances have improved the way that variation data is exported. That's why we decided to remove the limitation. Users no longer have to wait for the cache. Instead, they can export large quantities of data all at once. But users will still benefit from the improved performance, even if they only export small quantities of data. Now the export is quicker than ever.


We even made a few improvements to how ElasticSync and FormatDesigner are documented. Descriptions of these tools are now included in the plentymarkets manual for better clarity and usability



Best practices

We created a page of best practices for importing and exporting data, so that you can find what you're looking for even faster. Here you'll find concrete examples, which teach you how to synchronise data in your plentymarkets system.

Of course, we regularly add examples to the best practices page and we will continue to offer you assistance and advice in the future.

Have you already activated ElasticSync in your system? If not, visit the plentyMarketplace and try out the plugin for free.

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