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26.02.2018 15:51
from Helena Schwab

We've developed two new plugins, which help sellers generate even more revenue on eBay. Now it's possible to create and manage eBay promoted listings, sales promotions and statistical analyses directly within your plentymarkets system. This blog entry teaches you everything you need to know about the plugins and how to use them.

Boost revenue with the eBay Marketing plugin

The new eBay Marketing plugin helps you increase sales. By offering attractive sales promotions and discounts, you can increase the visibility of your product portfolio and get your items noticed. Sales promotions increase your chances of making multiple sales and they help you generate more revenue.

Increase visibility with promoted listings

You can promote specific eBay listings by creating campaigns and ads in plentymarkets. Ads include information about a listing, e.g. its main image, the item description and the price. Ads can be displayed in several different places on eBay.
You can start, pause or edit your campaigns any time. If you make changes to active listings that are included in an ad, then the changes will automatically appear in your ad as well.

How promoted listings are displayed depends on which ad rate you selected and how well your promoted listings match the search terms that were entered.
The ad rate is whatever percentage of an item's sales price you're willing to pay to promote it. You can set the ad rate anywhere between 1% and 20% of the item's sales price.
You only have to pay the ad rate if you make a sale and if the buyer clicked on your ad and purchased the item within 30 days.

Particularly effective sales promotions

Give your customers 10 EUR off when they spend 100 EUR or more. Such discounts encourage customers to buy more items and maximise how much money they spend. You can also generate additional revenue by granting discounts based on the number of items ordered.
Example: Save 10 EUR if you buy 3 or more items.

Such discounts help you get your products noticed. They are especially well suited to remnants or other items that you'd like to get rid of quickly. Customers enjoy discounts where one item is sold at the regular price and another is sold at a discount. They are likely to take advantage of such sales, even if the discount is only applied to the cheapest item.

Download the eBay Marketing plugin

Check out our video tutorial and learn how to set up the eBay Marketing plugin!

Improve your listings with the eBay Analytics plugin

The second plugin displays statistics, which help you analyse your eBay listings directly from within plentymarkets.
For example, you can see how many times a product was sold versus how many times it was viewed. If the number of sales and the number of visitors don't match, then you know that it's time to make a few changes. Statistics are particularly useful when measuring the effectiveness of new marketing strategies. They help you see how successful new marketing strategies were directly from within your plentymarkets backend.

Download the eBay Analytics plugin

Check out our video tutorial and learn how to set up the eBay Analytics plugin!

eBay marketing tools

But that's not all

We're busy working on an eBay SEO plugin to improve your eBay listings even further. In the future, this plugin will check the content of your listings and make suggestions on how they can be found more easily.

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